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Friday “Knight” Lights (5th-12th grade)

Fellowship and Fun! These lock-in times are meant to encourage and allow our students a safe place for fun together through free time, games, and other activities.

Retreat (7th-12th grade)

A yearly time of relationship building, biblical training, service and fun. Students travel to Riverbend Retreat Center where they participate in quiet time, large group Bible lessons, games, and more, as they build community together as classes. They are encouraged, through service projects during their time away, to give back to the community and challenge their hearts in their leadership roles being developed through Christ’s leading.

Class Trips

Class trips are an intentional time to build academic, service and fellowship time into our students' lives. ACA takes opportunities to travel both locally (in Texas) and out of state/country to allow our students to see the world, learn more about the world God calls us to govern (Genesis 1:28) and serve together as a family community. These opportunities are available at specific grade levels throughout Logic and Rhetoric.

Peer Groups (5th-12th grade)

A monthly time of worship and small groups, our Bible class students are trained in how to pray, build relationships with others, and peer lead students. Our fifth through twelfth-grade students are given great opportunities to share their gifts of mentoring and teaching, while growing our younger students' relational skills through this time of community together. This is a wonderful mentorship program where we pour into students from the top down through every grade level.