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Monday, May, 4
May 4, 2020

Description:  Final Exams Week for our 9th through 12 grade students

Note:  Please email sent from Rhetoric Director and/or Dean of Student Affairs regarding Rhetoric Final Exam Schedule.

May 4, 2020

Description:  ACA Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric Academic Awards Ceremonies are a time to recognize our Kinder through 12th grade students' accomplishments in academics (CSAF), honor roll and perfect attendance/character awards  (Grammar).  It's an assembly held during school hours thus parents do not have to attend since many of the students' accomplishments have already been recognized (i.e Fine Arts Ceremony/Banquet) prior to this school event.  

Grades:  1st through 12th 

Time:  TBA

Campus Location:  MPR Building

Note:  For questions about the ACA Awards Ceremony, please contact Heather Bundy, ACA Dean of Spiritual Life and Student Affairs.

School Closure