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Monday, February, 3
February 3, 2020

Description:  Homecoming Week is where our students will participate in fun activities to promote school spirit. The activities will include basketball game, coronation of Knight's King and Queen, school dance for our Rhetoric students, and other fun events to commemorate Homecoming Week!

Spirit Week/Homecoming Week Activities & Details:

ACA students of all ages are so excited to take part in the school’s first ever Homecoming Spirit Week!

Have you made plans for Matching Monday? Do you have your Texas-themed outfit ready for Texas Tuesday? All of the days are detailed here, so start planning those outfits. Make plans to attend our Homecoming Basketball game on Thursday, Feb 6th beginning at 5:15pm, too.

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™Themed Dress Up Days include:

πŸ’™Matching Monday (Think Batman & Robin or simply twinning.)

πŸ’šTexas Tuesday (Think cowboys, Texas colleges, etc. The more creativity the better!)

πŸ’™Wilderness Wednesday (Think mountains, trees, hikes, and animals in the great outdoors.)

πŸ’šKnight Pride Thursday (The more green, navy, and white, the better!)

NOTE: If a student chooses not to participate in the spirit days, they are required to be in the appropriate uniform for that day (i.e. logo polo on Tuesday, etc.)

*House points will be given to the House Teams for the most participation and spirit.  

For questions and/or additional information about Homecoming Spirit Week, please contact Heather Bundy, ACA Dean of Spiritual Development and Student Affairs.