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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

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Tuesday, October, 29
October 29, 2019

Description: Storybook Day is an intentional on campus event to allow our little ones to see the joy and importance of the "Learner" in our school mission statement: "Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord." On this day students are asked to wear a favorite storybook character and bring a book that aligns with this character (i.e. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, dressing as one of the three bears) to share with their class.  In their classes, they will be sharing their stories and talking about the importance of books and reading.  They will also participate in a parade around campus and celebrations in their classrooms on this day. 

Storybook Day Schedule Per Class:

  • Kinder:  Will come dressed in their Storybook Character and watch the parade ONLY
  • First:  Will come dressed in their Storybook Character and watch the parade ONLY

Parade Time for Pre-K: 9:45 AM

Party Times: 

  • Pre-K:  Party will follow IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PARADE
  • Kinder:  Party will be at 2:15 PM
  • First:  Party will be at 2:15 PM

Note:  Parents please see email from either your child(ren's) teacher and/or Homeroom Mom regarding additional party details such as sign ups, volunteer opportunities.

Rules for Storybook costumes: Please NO spiders, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns during our storybook celebrations. 

October 29, 2019

In honoring the season and our "Lifelong Leaders and Learners who Love the Lord," ACA students will celebrate on University Day the college/university they either desire to attend or support. 

Grades:  2nd thru 12th 
NOTE:  (Grammar parents for child(ren) in 2nd-4th grades, please see email from your child(ren's) Homeroom Mom regarding additional party details pertaining to sign ups and volunteer opportunities.  Grammar parties will begin at 2:15 pm on this day).

College/University spirit wear for this day must be from:

  1. A college/university, no pro teams, high school teams, etc., not even ACA spirit wear.  
  2. Students must adhere to the pant length and shirt standards of the uniform policy (no more than 4” above the knee for pants, NO LEGGINGS as pants, no tanks or sleeveless, no midriffs, etc.).   
  3. Students may wear college spirit wear in the form of sweatshirts/hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, athletic shorts/pants, socks, etc. If you have questions, please have your student email myself or Coach Kaity ahead of time to get approval for their spirit wear.   
  4. They may also wear a hat that day if it supports the college/university they are choosing to represent.  
  5. Students may add face paint or other spirit color wear that supports the core colors of that school (NO pompoms, megaphone, whistles, horns, gear such as pads, balls, or other “props” of this nature).   
  6. If students do not want to wear spirit wear that is okay, however, they will have to be in a regular Tuesday uniform, logo polo and uniform bottoms.

***NOTE FOR LOGIC/RHETORIC PARENTS ONLY:  Along with our spirit wear, Logic and Rhetoric students will be celebrating with fun snacks at lunch as they longer have parties, but there will be a time designated for: 
  • Fellowship
  • Food 
  • Fun with peers

Logic/Rhetoric parents, please consider signing up for a snack item by clicking HERE.  Items will need to be brought on University Day and please leave items on the MPR stage (there will be a sheet to check off your name when the items have been delivered). Keep in mind that we do need some items with no dye, gluten, dairy or nuts to safe guard our allergy students. 

During Bible, our Logic students (5th-8th) will enjoy sport type games and events and following lunch, our Rhetoric students (9th-12th) will compete in their October Intramural, for House points.

October 29, 2019 | 09:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Description:  Little Sprouts Storybook Day is an opportunity for our Little Sprout preschoolers to come dressed up in their favorite storybook character.  There will also be a parade, where our preschoolers will walk the campus as our ACA students look on to see them in their various storybook characters.  It is a fun and exciting day for our preschoolers as it also helps to promote the importance of reading.

Time:  9:45 AM

Location:  Little Sprouts and ACA Campus

NOTE:  Please see email from respective Little Sprouts teachers regarding additional details (i.e. Storybook Parties) about Little Sprouts Storybook Day.  The Storybook Parties for our Little Sprouts preschoolers will immediately begin after the parade.