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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

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Thursday, October, 17
October 17, 2019
October 17, 2019 | 01:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Description:  7th-12th Grade Student Leadership Training.  Leaders Who Serve is a conversational approach to training students to lead and see the potential of who they are in Christ and leadership. The Axis Team (via video) along with some of our staff will challenge our students to see the world from a biblical worldview. Students will love this interactive event that helps them to wrestle with the great questions of life together in a safe environment.  

Campus Location: Building R ( Multi-Purpose Room)

Grades: ACA Students 7th-12th Grades

Breakdown of Training Sessions:

1:00pm – Worship with 5th-12th Grade (5th-6th will be dismissed at the end of this time) 

1:25pm – Session 1 (IDENTITY)

1:37pm – Session 2 (THE UPSIDE DOWN)

1:50PM - BREAK

2:00pm – Session 3 (LEADERS)

2:15pm – Session 4 (HEROES)

2:40pm – Recap and call to Serve

2:45pm – Guest Speaker on Service and Ministry (Christi Watkins)

3:25pm – Service Opportunities and Closing Prayer

3:30pm – Dismissal