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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

PBJ Ministry

What is PB&J?

Prayer, Breakfast & Jesus ("PB&J") is ACA's prayer ministry based on Psalm 144:1:  "Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."  PB&J seeks to embody the commands of Philippians 4:6 in the development of intercessory prayer warriors, while also focusing on the teaching and the understanding of God's word. PB&J promotes fellowship, faith and a commitment to praying fervently, thus establishing an effective frontline defense for our school, staff, student body and parents. 

PB&J Motto

PB&J's motto is, "Love on our Knees"

Share Your Prayers & Praises

Submit a Prayer Request or Share a Praise by accessing our PB&J online prayer form HERE. You can also submit prayer requests/praises by completing a Prayer Card located in the Prayer Box in the front of the campus.

PB&J Prayer Box

Upcoming Meetings

Dates for PB&J Monthly Prayer Times:
12/09/19 (offsite meeting)
3/02/20 (subject to change to 3/30/20 if there is inclement weather as this meeting will be held outside)
4/27/20 (offsite meeting)
*Times for PB&J Monthly Prayer Meetings are 8:35 am to 9:35 am.  We will meet in the school library.
Sign up here to bring a breakfast item to one of the above meeting times.
See you at the pole
  • 09/25/19
Date for Spring Prayer Walk:
  • 3/2/20 (subject to change to 3/30/20 if there is inclement weather)
  • Note:  The Prayer Walk will occur during our scheduled monthly corporate prayer time for this month.
Dates for Fall/Spring 7-Hour Prayer Chain:
  • Fall- 09/23/19
  • Spring-01/27/20
Date for Spring PB&J Drive-thru Prayer Event:
  • Fall-10/24/19
  • Spring-03/26/20
*Times for PB&J Drive-thru Prayer Events are 8:15 am to 9:15 am.  PB&J will be set up in the parking lot near the exit that's facing Harmon Road.

PB&J In Pictures

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