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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.
National Association of University Model Schools
A University-Model School® (UMS) is an educational program that takes the best attributes of home schooling and combines them with the best attributes of traditional, Christian education. In doing so, the UMS preserves and maintains the God-ordained parent-child relationship, while offering students the opportunity to achieve a high degree of academic excellence.
The primary goal of the UMS is to provide quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education, accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious. In our University-Model School® program, students attend school three days a week and are in their home (the "satellite campus") two days a week. While in the satellite classroom, students follow teacher-designed assignments under the direct supervision of their parents (the "co-teachers").
This methodology of education provides excellent academics in preparation for college, while providing the best possible enviornment for training up competent men and women of exceptional character who will make a positive difference for Christ in the next generation.