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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the school hours?

Little Sprouts
9am-2:30pm, days vary according to enrolled program

Rhetoric School (9th-12th)

Note:  For questions about our Pre-K program, please contact Debra Holt here.

Do you have a waiting list?

Typically, we do have a waiting list for all ages.  This varies depending on the age of the child and the time of year.

Are siblings guaranteed placement?

We give priority consideration to students of our current LS/ACA families if they meet admissions requirements.

May I observe at the school?

Yes, visitors are always welcome.  Please call to schedule a campus visit.

Is it possible to enter mid-year?

We may take students mid-year as space allows if they meet our admission requirements.

Do you have uniforms?

Yes, we do have a uniform policy for ACA.

What do you offer after school? 

Little Sprouts offers early and extended care, beginning at 8am and concluding at 4:30pm.  ACA offers optional after school electives.

Do you have any options during the summer?

Summer enrichment camps are options for our preschool children. Course offering and availability of programs vary from year to year for our older children.

When may I apply?

Little Sprouts registration will be announced at the beginning of the year, typically occurring in February.

ACA applications and fees may be mailed in or dropped off at our school office.  Applications will be date and time stamped as well as processed upon receipt.  Once current registration is completed, prospective parents will be notified of application acceptance and family interviews and student assessments will then be scheduled.

How will I be notified?

For Little Sprouts, once you have been registered your child will be enrolled within the program.  For ACA, you will be notified via email of acceptance and placement.

What is the difference between a homeschool Co-op and a UMS school?

UMS and homeschool co-ops should not be equated.  Homeschool co-ops are a good way for families to pool their resources for specific and usually short-term study.  Typically, they are specialized, parent-run and do not simulate a college structure.  UMS is different by virtue of having specific grade levels, consistent accountability from semester to semester, a full spectrum of courses complete with prerequisites and a professional administration and faculty partnering with parents. 

What if parents are not teachers?

Parents do not need teaching experience.  ACA takes the lead in the area of academics.  New concepts are introduced and taught at school by professional faculty with the application of the concept often taking place at home, much like that of college studies.  ACA teachers provide detailed assignment sheets and open lines of communication.  In addition, the academy offers training to parents in academics and character development.

How does communication work?

Communication between teachers and parents plays a large role in the UMS, and there are several ways that clear communication may take place.  First, each parent is trained and given course descriptions, along with parent roles, through ACA Parent Training in August.

We also post course syllabi for parents at the beginning of each semester as well as utilizing RenWeb for grades, attendance and additional parent resources.  Vitally important are the weekly assignment sheets that are prepared by the teacher and made available to parents and students each week.  Instructions to parents are included, in addition to the assignment sheets, for long-term study projects forthcoming.  Parents are also invited to communicate, via email, any of their questions back to the teacher as needed.

Can my child take classes at different levels?

Yes, students in a UMS will be placed at the appropriate level based on assessments as well as teacher and parent recommendations. Within the Grammar School this may be up to one level above or below while in the Logic School it may be up to two above or below their placed grade level.

Why do you teach Latin?

Students at ACA are encouraged to take Latin.  The grammatical structure of English is based on Latin, as is about 50 percent of English vocabulary.  Latin prepares students for the study of other foreign languages.  The process of Latin also provides practice in thinking that strengthens the mind.  

Do you have Early and Extended Care available?

Yes, Early and Extended Care is offered for an additional fee, please contact your Little Sprouts/ACA Director for additional information.