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Developing Lifelong Leaders and Learners, Loving the Lord.

Logic School 5-8

At Alliance Christian Academy our Logic School continues on within the areas of challenging academics, student activities and Christ-like character development, while affirming the parents' role as the primary infuluence in their children's lives. Their level of commitment will develop and increase with opportunities for servant leadership, student lead small groups and devotionals and developed critical thinking activities and skills.

Our approach will further emply a university-style schedule adapted for all levels with paid professional teachers teaching in their areas of expertise and conducting primary classroom instruction. Logic school students attend classes three days per week, with a four day option, and alternate days are spent in the "sattellite" classroom at home where parents continue instruction as a Guide Teacher.

Our Guides' role is to provide re-instruction as needed and encourage self-sufficient, strong academic leadership in their students at home. Students at this level should be transitioning into self-lead studies while still maintaining contact and direction from their Guide Teachers. Primary teachers will continue to provide parents with detailed lesson plans and instrucions for days spent at home in the satellite classroom. Parents need not have teaching experience but must commit the time to actively engage, direct, instruct and mentor their students. ACA caters to a wide variety of student needs by allowing a range of enrollment and enrichment activities each year.